Many dogs just like humans suffer from gluten intolerance. Many pet owners that are not aware of this fact have spent a fortune on vet treatments, but have not got results. A gluten intolerance or gluten allergy in dogs can result in severe illnesses and death. Research has shown that many dogs fall ill or die as a result of eating commercial and readymade foods containing gluten. However, gluten free dog food is now available.

Gluten-Free Dog Food

It has also been noted that there is an increase in the number of dogs and cats getting diabetes which could be linked to the gluten content in most of the commercial food brands. When it comes to chronic degenerative illness in dogs, the experts are now associating this condition with the high amounts of carbohydrates found in commercially prepared dog foods. Some dogs that have been fed on commercial dog foods have developed celiac disease which then results in complications such as damage to the digestive tract and mal absorption. Studies have also shown that dogs that are fed leftovers from the table are healthier than dogs fed with products containing gluten.

Dogs have been classified omnivorous although in the wild they are carnivores. For instance, dogs in the wild as well as stray and feral dogs eat mainly fresh meat and carcasses. Plant material such as grass is eaten by dogs. It aids their digestive system and clears any bile out of the stomach.

Most food products on the market are not that safe to be fed to dogs. This is the reason why many dogs as well as other domestic animals develop allergies to certain substances. Gluten is suspected to be the primary factor causing the problem.

A dog fed with gluten-rich goods can develop allergies and become ill which may result in a multitude of symptoms, especially when contributed by malnutrition. Dog owners in general should feed their pets with gluten free dog food. It is a disturbing factor that dog breeders and owners think that they are feeding their dogs the right food while the animal could actually die from the food.

If your dog has become ill and the vet is unable to identify what is causing the dog’s illness, it would be wise to make a list of the foods that your dog is eating. Include the dry food ingredients as well. Many of the foods for dogs do not list gluten however. You can obtain a gluten test kit which will show you when testing the food if gluten is present.

Dogs that have become ill due to gluten and were taken off gluten have recovered completely. Foods that are gluten free include Primal Pet Foods as well as raw dog foods. It is difficult to obtain dog foods that are gluten free.

Feeding dogs with gluten free dog food is much healthier. It eliminates the chances of your dog developing any allergies or chronic degenerative diseases. A gluten free diet is similar to what a dog would eat when in the wild allowing the dog to process his food properly which leads to increased energy.