There has been a debate over the past years regarding commercial dog food. There have been several incidents when dogs have died after being fed commercials dog foods. For this reason, many pet owners are now making their own dog food. Some breeders and experts are saying that homemade food is not the best option as dogs require special nutritional requirements. However, nutrition has been taken into consideration in all the dog food recipes available.

Dog Food Recipes

If your dog has been fed on commercial dog food then the dietary changes should be made gradually in order to avoid digestive upsets. It is also important to rotate the dog food recipes so that your pet gets to have a diverse diet. Never feed your dog cooked bones as fragments can block the digestive tract. Dog owner also need to avoid dangerous foods such as mushrooms, grapes, garlic, onions and chocolate.

For those dog owners that are now feeding their dog homemade food here are a few dog food recipes that can be tried out. For instance, a dog hamburger is simple and quick to make as all you need is 1 cup of dog minced meat, 2 chopped up boiled eggs, a jar of baby food green beans and ½ a cup of cooked rice or oatmeal. Stir fry the meat in canola oil and then add the boiled eggs and baby food beans. Add the cooked rice or oatmeal.

Dog owners can also add mashed baby carrots and two tablespoons of cottage cheese and cooked pasta or rice to the dog’s meat. Spoil your dog and prepare a quick casserole which comprises of a cup of chopped chicken or turkey and half a cup of brown rice and half a cup of mixed vegetables. Add the ingredients to unsalted chicken broth. One can also add fish such as salmon instead of poultry.

There are a lot of dog food recipes which can be obtained over the internet. The recipes in most books have been devised by canine experts. They have high nutritional values as well as the best amount of calories a dog requires.

Dogs also appreciate icy treats on hot days and they love frozen dog icicles. Purina frosty paws have become popular and are sold in most stores in the frozen sections.

Dog food recipes should allow you to prepare meals with quality proteins, essential vitamins and minerals and with no sugar, colorants or artificial flavours. Owners can make dog biscuits and treats as well as.