Depending on the brand of food you buy, the dog food ingredients will vary considerably. Raw dog food is becoming more popular, as people are becoming more aware of the negative impact that commercial foods can have on a dog’s health. If you want to know how dog food brands compare and if you are concerned about the wet and dry food your dog is eating then you are amongst the many dog owners that are having concerns. Most of the dry dog food comes in various different colours, flavours and shapes. Such products have been accepted by pet owners as standard dog food, as they usually overlook the ingredients.

Facts about Dog Food Ingredients

Many of the pet food manufacturers are including unsavoury materials in their dog food products. Many dogs have become critically ill and have even died, after eating certain dog food products. When this concern was voiced, it made dog owners aware of the fact that dog food may be dangerous. Many dog owners are now consciously reading what type of ingredients are included in the food they purchase for their dogs.

For instance, the Science Diet product is preserved with certain chemicals which are also used in human food and are avoided by many people. The Science Diet dog food ingredients do not contain any meat products. When buying dog food one should compare the various different products before making a purchase. Make sure your dog is getting a balanced nutritional diet that is free from harmful toxins and preservatives.

Dog food products such as the Wellness canned foods have been tested in labs. They have been found to have sufficient amounts of thiamine which is basically B1 in some of the products. Many other products were found to contain less than the stipulated levels of B1 required in an animal’s daily diet.

Thiamine is essential in most animals’ diets. It is essential for cats and dogs. If they are not fed sufficient B1 they can develop a Thiamine deficiency.

There are several pet food companies that have come up with special and improved formulas for dogs that are active, old or over weight. These formulas do not necessarily meet the main dog health requirements.

Several studies have shown evidence that many of the dog food ingredients may cause skin allergies, heart disease, cancer and diabetes and stomach problems. Pet food manufacturers are interested purely in making profits and most companies disregard the health of animals consuming these products. In the majority of cases, dog food is manufactured and marketed with the company’s profits in mind and not considering the pets.

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