Pet owners are now aware of the unsafe commercial pet foods. In fact, many cheap dog foods have extremely harmful ingredients.Over the years there have been several incidences when dogs have died because of eating certain brands of dog food. There are several different types of foods that are poisonous to dogs. Given all this, more and more pet owners are opting to make homemade food for their pets. It is important for you to have a sound knowledge of what a dog can and cannot eat, when cooking food for your dog.

Foods that are Poisonous to Dogs

Even though most foods are safe for human consumption they could be lethal for your dog. There are some foods that should never be fed to dogs as they are toxic to them and can cause sever illnesses and even death. For instance, Thiosulphate, which is found in garlic and onions, can become toxic especially in large doses, when such vegetables are fed to the dog over a period of time.

A cardiac stimulant and diuretic such as Theobromine is found in chocolate and is fatal for dogs. Grapes are known to affect dogs’ kidneys. This is applicable to raisins as well. Other foods that are poisonous to dogs are fruits that contain pips or seeds. The pips and seeds contain Cyanogenic Glycosides which is basically cyanide. Although they can eat the fruit, canines should be given only tiny amounts, if any.

There are also certain bones that should not be fed to dogs such as chicken and chop bones. This is because these bones can lacerate the dog’s oesophagus and digestive tract. The bone can also get stuck in the dog’s throat causing asphyxiation.

Foods that are poisonous to dogs include potato peels, broccoli, foods that contain yeast, green tomatoes, tea and coffee. Alcohol of any nature including wine and beer can lead the animal being comatose and to death. Kidney and liver damage can be caused should a dog be given human vitamins especially iron.

Food that is old or mouldy should never be fed to a dog. Raw eggs as well as certain raw fish can give a dog Salmonella poisoning. Foods that are poisonous to dogs include large amounts of baking soda and salt, mushrooms, foods that contain artificial sugar and nutmeg as well as many other foods. Foods that contain excess fat and dairy products should also be avoided. Consult a vet if you are unsure what to feed your dog with when making homemade dog food.

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