Dog owners do not always find it easy to feed their dogs a well-balanced nutritional dog food that is reasonably priced. For various reasons it is not always possible for owners to feed their dogs homemade foods or raw foods. Many owners are looking for cheap dog food alternatives. Tin foods, however, contain preservatives and fillers. This is just one of the reasons why they are considered to be of inferior quality.

Is Cheap Dog Food Safe

Many owners have a philosophy that if they themselves cannot eat the food then they should not feed it to their pets. Many owners are searching for palatable, healthy and cheap dog food. Here are some cheap alternatives that are beneficial. For example, if you are making homemade dog food, you should know that a kilogram of rice costs $2 and a kilogram of potatoes costs $2 and pasta costs $0.60 a packet. Carrots cost $1 per kilogram and peas $2 a kilogram. Fresh chicken is $3. You can also get some meat for $3.

Cheap dog food such as fish is also a good for wholesome meals for dogs. A kilogram of raw fish heads costs $3, tuna is $1.50 a tin and mackerel $1.50 a tin and salmon costs $2.50 per tin. All these foods that are listed here are fit for human consumption. Feeding these types of ingredients to smaller dogs is ideal but when you have large dogs such a menu would work out very costly although the ingredients are affordably priced.

When preparing a meal for a small to medium-sized dog, which is relatively active, you can make a meal comprising of two tablespoons of rice, half a grated carrot, chopped off cut meats 200g, a tablespoon of peas and a tablespoon of either coconut oil or olive oil. This type of meal costs around $1. The off cut meat can be replaced with half a tin of fish or a quarter of a chicken.

When feeding a dog fish you need to make sure the fish does not contain bones. If the fish has bones you can cook the fish in water and then remove the fish from the bones. One can also cook the rice or pasta in the same water. Potatoes should also be added to the meal. If your dog is allergic to wheat then do not feed any products that contain wheat such as pasta.

Healthy cheap dog food is not a dream as you can feed your dog for around a dollar a day. It only takes around ten to fifteen minutes to prepare a meal for your dog. Making homemade food is well worth the effort. More importantly, this ensures that your dog is not eating junk food. This will ensure sound health.

If you are looking for cheap dog food, then you should make homemade dog food as cheap commercials foods are not the safest and the most nutritional products to feed a dog with. Another cheap alternative would be to feed your dog raw foods which are healthy. Whatever choice you make, make sure his diet is well-balanced and nutritional.