Large active dogs of any type are very special companions. Many of these dogs are typical house pets that could take up the double task of being a companion and a guard dog. They could also be working dogs that perform many very important tasks for humans without asking for much in return. Working dogs can be guard dogs, seeing eye dogs, hunting dogs, police or military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and several others. A wide range of breeds are used for these jobs. Many dog breeds have natural instincts for the work they do because of their environment and breeding, but all dogs will need intensive training that can very expensive and time-consuming.

Large Active Dog – Does He Need More Fat Or Protein

A large number of dog owners want to understand what their dogs should be eating. Specialty foods are said to be the best types of food, but are they really the best dog foods or better option for dogs than the foods found in grocery stores? Many owners are also confused about whether their dogs should consume high protein food.

There are a lot of myths about high protein dog food and many people say that it is bad for pets. However, there are health studies proving that dogs will not receive harm from consuming a high protein diet and can actually receive benefits from it. The truth is that many dogs just don’t eat enough protein or other nutrients to function properly. If you want your dog to develop lean muscle, he has to receive the right nutrition and protein is an significant part of his diet. Dogs with kidney problems should only receive moderate protein, though, which should not be decreased too much.

On the other hand, even though a high protein diet is an ideal choice for active animals and humans, it is still not an absolute requirement. Increased performance does require increased nutritional intake, but protein is not used solely for energy, but mostly for building and replacing tissue. However, a very low intake of protein will increase the dog’s chances of injury.

Also, dogs that do not eat the best kind of protein they need will develop severe health and behavioral problems. Choosing a high protein food can reduce the number of expensive vet bills.

In regards to fat, this nutrient is also a major component to the good performance of large active dogs. Dogs fed on a high fat diet will use oxygen better and are proven to have a higher number of mitochondria in the muscle cells, which are the furnaces inside the cell. Some dog food contains as much as one-fifth fat, which is ideal for active and working dogs but not as useful for less active ones.

You should remember that large breed dogs should be overfed and too much growth can bring negative effects for these dogs. However, it is important to increase their protein intake by including protein rich foods like meat, eggs, yogurt, and cheese.

Knowing how to balance the nutritional intakes in the diets of large active dogs is important for their performances. A highly digestible diet with well-balanced amounts of protein and fat works well, but diets with too much fat could lead to weight gain and too much protein could lead to numerous health problems. Researching the nutritional needs and tolerance levels of your specific performing dog is vital for his success.

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