There is a wide variety of dog foods on the market. Some are not nutritional and many can cause allergies. Most dog owners prefer to give their dogs the best kind of foods that provide for a healthy coat and are free from additives and preservatives. Natural foods have become a popular choice among dog breeders and owners. Homemade dog food is simple and basically requires a mixture of starches, vegetables and meat.

Making Your Own Dog Food – A Basic Guide

If you have just got a puppy then you can begin feeding the pup with homemade food right from the start. If you are not sure what the puppy can and cannot eat then consult your vet. If you are planning to switch from conventional food also check with your vet to make sure which dog food should be fed to your pet and which ones should be avoided.

When making your own dog food you need to bear in mind that the dog requires thirty percent vegetables, 30 percent starch and forty percent meat. By following this simple formula, you will ensure that your dog gets a well balanced diet. You can cook the meat or add raw meat to the vegetables and starches. Meats such as organ meats being kidney, heart, liver and lungs as well as raw eggs are healthy for your dog.

When you peel your vegetables make sure you always keep the peels and then cook them for the dog. A portion of this mixture can be added to the meat daily. Most dog nutrition experts consider commercial dog food unhealthy as the meat used in commercial foods are considered unfit for human consumption.

A good mixture for making your own dog food is ground turkey or chicken, carrots and rice. You could also make a mixture of brown rice, carrots, brewer’s yeast and ground beef. Make sure you rotate the foods so that your dog gets variety as well as all the nutrients it requires daily. One can also add things like potatoes, pasta, oatmeal and rice to achieve the daily starch requirements. Eggshells also contain vital nutrients. One can grind the eggshells and add this powder to the dog’s food.

Once you have cooked up a batch of dog food do not refrigerate it for longer than three days as fresh food spoils quickly. Make enough food to last for two to three days at a time. Making your own dog food will ensure that you have a happy healthy dog.

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