Just like humans, nutrition is essential for any canine athlete or house dog. A dog that is not getting enough ideal nutrition will not be able to perform correctly. It is important to create the best level of activity for an active dog, but it is just as important to find out what kind of food and how much food that a dog should eat, especially the homemade dog food. A condition like natural environment will put a strain on the dog’s body. A very digestible formula is significant along with how well a dog can digest the nutritions. Chicken fat is a very digestible source of fat that works well for active dogs.

Nutrition for Exercising Dogs

A study carried out on sled dogs revealed that dogs that consume high carbohydrate diets will experience deteroriating body conditions and show injuries during the sledding season. When they are fed high fat, high protein, and low carb diets, the body conditions of these dogs will improve and their negative symptoms will disappear.

Before the beginning of any season, you should turn the diet of an exercising dog into a performance formula. The basic requirements for a dog diet have to include balanced quantities of fats, carbs, and proteins, whether a dog is exercising or not, and those percentages may have to change.

After the diet transition, you should start the dog’s conditioning at the same time. Dogs suffer more from underconditioning effects than they do from the impacts of hot, humid weather. Of course, when they start to work in this kind of weather, you have to make sure that your dog rests constantly and receives adequate water. Special equipment like vests, jackets, and boots might also prevent your dog from experiencing an injury in severe conditions.

The best time to feed your active dog before or after an exercise routine would have to work best for your dog and your schedule. A lot of people feed their dogs once a day at least four hours before exercise and one hour after exercise. For dogs that are active under intense conditions, feeding them one day before exercise is recommended. Dog breeds that are likely to experience bloating like Labrador Retrievers might function better by receiving at least two feedings every day with extended times between feeding and exercise. Dogs that will go out and exercise in harsh weather should have consistent rest periods when you should give them snacks. Small meals, which should be 10% of the daily food intake, are only one choice for the dog’s rest period.

For any exercise program you give your dog, a veterinary check-up may be necessary if you dog is about to undergo a more rigorous exercise routine. You should also make sure that your dog is healthy before you start any exercise program. Preventing heartworm prevention all year round is a suitable idea for dogs that spend a lot of time exercising outdoors.

Overall, prepare well and be smart because you wouldn’t run a marathon if you didn’t train first. A well-balance nutrition and exercise plan in addition to a veterinary care check-up will maintain the conditions of any active canine.

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