A Yorkshire terrier is a small breed of dog. These dogs are known for their small size and playful character. They are called Yorkies for short. Due to the fact that these dogs are so tiny and fragile they need special attention as well as a well-balanced diet. If they do not receive the right food they can end up with health problems and serious illnesses. When buying a Yorkie it is wise to enquire what the appropriate dog food for Yorkies is. Simply put, the best dog food for puppies is not going to be the best food for other breeds, senior dogs etc. In many cases, individual breeds require specific types of food.

The Most Appropriate Dog Food for Yorkies

As the dogs from this breed are more fragile, providing for their health and nutrition is essential. It has been found that homemade food is the best for this breed as the dogs’ digestive system needs to digest what it eats properly. Giving Yorkies leftovers or canned food is not an option as these can have devastating effects on their digestive system.

Here is a suggested list of foods that you can feed Yorkies with. The list includes beef, turkey, chicken and fish. These types of meats should be cut up into tiny pieces in order for the dog to chew the food properly. This aids the digestive process. Dogs as well as all carnivores have short straight digestive tracts that are designed to digest meat. Processed dog food is sometimes made from meat products that are usually not fit for consumption by dogs. This is also applicable to dog food for Yorkies.

The meats used for dog foods are loaded with antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones. The meat usually comes from dead animals as well as animals that are disabled or have died from diseases. Pets can have an allergic reaction to such meats as well as contract diseases from these types of dog foods. Make sure the meat used for the food of Yorkies is fresh.

Yorkies also require a certain amount of dairy products such as fresh yoghurt, cheese and milk. These can be added to their diet occasionally. This will provide the dogs with additional calcium for their bones and teeth and will also strengthen their immune system preventing them from contracting diseases. In addition dog food for Yorkies can also comprise of vegetables mixed with meat. You can mix meat with rice, pasta, potatoes, carrots, beans etc.

Not all types of dog food for Yorkies are appropriate and foods that contain any preservatives should be avoided. One should also avoid feeding Yorkies with animal by-products such as feet, beaks and heads as these could make the dogs ill.

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